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Love, Love, Loved @_Dolores_Cortes’ Swimwear 2015 @MBFashionWeek! So many different feelings that flowed from sexy to sexier.  My uber fav was a leather strappy number that wanted to be a one piece but ended up a two piece so sexy and fun.  My other fav was a gorg tortoise shell two piece that was pure sculpture.  Tribal SEXAY!  



Every time I attend a The Blonds show, I hear in my head “These Boots Are Made for Walking” and Frau Farbissina screaming “send in the Fembots!” (Austin Powers) now this show was no different. The aesthetic of The Blonds truly overshadowed Angela Chittenden’s Beach Bunny look not to a bad way however, it felt like if The Blondes designed swimwear, this is what it would look like. Then again if you think about a Beach Bunny with Blond roots all “hopped” up on Barbarella, this is how she would look! So all and all Electric Barbarella goes to the beach leather knee boots and hair spray in tow, werked. UBER fav? The corsets did me in as always but there was a black, hologram zebra number that werked me out! GORG!!

Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Week


Always love to see Nicole Richie out and about! This fashion pro always wows with the most chic looks! I assume under this uber amaze Pucci Fall 2014 vest/coat is this equally amaze mii dess! What a perfect look for  visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon she’s got legs (tiny) but she werks it!



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